paketirabigbagsagromasterWith the entry of Bulgaria in the European Union a number of requirements in regards to the environment were imposed. The treatment of seeds with insecticides and fungicides was prohibited to be done by unqualified personnel and uncertified companies.

AGRO MASTER meets all the safety requirements for the preparation process and for treating all kind of seeds for field production. The treating process is done without screw, aerosol under high pressure of the working fluid.

Insecticides, fungicides and polymers that are used for seed treatment have strictly defined concentrations and completely cover the surface of the seeds. The factory uses products only from leading companies in the area such as BASF, Bayer, Syngenta, Becker and others. For more demanding customers we offer seed treatment with polishing, coloring and growth stimulants.

The packing in paper bags or big bags is accomplished by using extremely accurate electronic scales, reading simultaneously exact weight and number of seeds in a packing, according to previously given parameters.