Excellent rust resistance!

Vemi Select's wheat varieties proved their qualities and high resistance to many diseases during their vegetation this year. In many areas of the country, due to the specific climatic conditions, there was a prerequisite for the development of powdery mildew and rust on the plants. One of the most common varieties of 'Vemi Select'  Andelka  и Tika Taka  have proven to be extremely disease resistant and are currently in excellent condition. The proof of this are the shared impressions and photos taken by our customers from all over the country.

All varieties offered by the company have been selected over the last few years with special attention paid to their resistance to disease. They are adapted to the natural and climatic conditions specific to the Balkan region. The high yields that were shown in 2017 by the variety Andelka reached 1060 kg under production conditions, together with good baking performance (13.2% protein and 27.6 DMG) are proof of this. The average yield of all wheat varieties presented by Vemi Select last year was 870 kg/ha. The good condition of the crops at the present moment give us hopes for even better results in the current year 2018.

Photo sent by our client on 31.05.2018. Variety Andelka
Photo sent by our client on 31.05.2018 - Provadia. /Andelka variety/
Andelka variety next to a yellow rust infected crop. /Dropla/
The condition of most of the crops in Bulgaria in 2018.
The condition of most of the crops in Bulgaria in 2018.
Photo from a customer sent on 25.05.2018 of an infected crop.
Photo from a customer sent on 18.05.2018 of an infected crop.