Seed production involves many processes and each production year is different from the previous one. Each process is precisely documented, allowing us to optimize production. Our experience of over 30 years gives us the ability to respond to every challenge and adapt to the ever-changing environment in the best possible way.

The production process begins with mandatory preliminary in-house laboratory seed analyses, field preparation and determining the best time and method of sowing. Each phase of crop development is monitored with extreme precision.


Regardless of the type of crop, each field is thoroughly walked and all atypical plants are removed. One of the crops that requires the greatest care in its production is maize.

To meet the highest standards, we use the best practices and technologies for this production. At one of the most critical times, the de-silting, we perform a field crawl with specialized equipment that can operate regardless of weather conditions.


To ensure optimum seed quality, the fields are final inspected by our specialists to eliminate even the smallest machine flaws. Harvesting is always carefully monitored so that the combines are set up in the most seed-friendly way possible. In maize production, a combine harvester is used to harvest the maize into cobs. The seeds are transported to our factory directly from the field for their technological preparation.

This includes drying, coarse and fine cleaning, calibration, gravity separation, colour sorting and treatment. Throughout production, all RDPs are coordinated with the seed breeders to avoid adverse reactions during vegetation or a reduction in the performance of the seed already produced. Where necessary, irrigated fields are used.

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