The barley harvest is over!

Harvesting of Vemi Select barley varieties has officially finished. Record yields were recorded in the village of. Vencan, Provadia as there the yields of our varieties were with 180 kg/ha higher than those of other large seminar companies. The highest yield achieved in this area is of the Maestro variety - 900 kg/ha. All barley varieties offered by Vemi Select are characterized by very good performance and at the same time high yields. The average yield of the barley varieties offered by Vemi Select reached 840 kg/ha this year. This is possible because these varieties are some of the newest and most modern barley varieties created in recent years in Europe and have everything they need to meet the ever-changing natural and climatic conditions. The proof of this is the yields they achieve without compromising on quality. The varieties are among the most resistant to lodging in the whole of central and eastern Europe. Vemi Select offers barley varieties suitable for the malting industry, livestock farming and human consumption. Some of the largest malt factories in Romania and Croatia use our varieties to make malt.